Depart of Minor Annoyances

September 14, 2014

Ever heard of They have a current commercial that’s odd. Why? “Actual Customers” are shown, -fairly tried and true advertising practice, and they’re given abbreviated names. “Jeff W.” likes the company. Fair enough. Isn’t “Jeff” enough? What about “Jeff W(illiams)?” Or, as in the version released on Youtube, -why not omit the names altogether?

It’s all very suspicious and I don’t like it at all. It’s probably a fantastic company, -who knows, but it clearly has a secret agenda.


“Are You Taking Google+ Seriously?”

June 13, 2014

“Are You Taking Google+ Seriously?”

Google is fast integrating their social network with two important pieces of the computing landscape, -Android, and Google Services. Soon, a critical mass with arise of that old standby, a captive audience. More people use the service than ever before and it’s much more convenient (uploading pictures from your Android device, -anyone?). As a business, it’s a must, and individually, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the reach and depth of the service. 

“A Toxic Hellstew of Vulnerabilities.”

June 8, 2014

“No wonder experts are saying things like this,” Cook said, quoting ZDNet’s Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: “Android fragmentation is turning devices into a toxic hellstew of vulnerabilities.”

I’ve always thought it was more a noxious pudding of emotional honesty. 

Wow. …and ZDNet usually stays away from dialogue better suited to a Michael Bay movie. 

Malware is a serious issue for Android and IF you want to help, advocate security apps as needed, -all sorts of choices exist. (My favorite is Kaspersky). In fact, if you have an Android device and you haven’t installed some sort of security app, you need to go ahead and get that accomplished. 

Customer Service & The Basics

May 11, 2014

Quick Shot:

Saturday night found me hungry and wanting to try something/someplace new. I saw Wasabi Jane’s, a sushi place I hadn’t tried and thought… “excellent.” I stood in front of the register browsing the menu. No one came. Clearly busy, two chefs were in the work area. No one came. Struggling to understand the ordering process, I left. Where did I end up eating? Taco Bell. Why? They took my order quickly and the associate ending up being the most pleasant person I dealt with all day. Why did restaurant #1 lose my money while restaurant #2 got it? Well, they got it in more ways than one, even up-selling me on a local promotion with a community charity by explaining it in terms of (making me look good) what I would get by doing so. Free taco? “…Excellent.”
Operators, Corporate Fellow-Travelers, -it’s ALWAYS the details and the little things. How easy is it, -really, to do business with you? Say what will about Taco Bell, but that night it was pretty easy.

The Dependable HTC One

April 7, 2014


Shot with HTC One at Santa Cruz Municipal Wharf, CA. Useful, quick to deploy camera has been a work mainstay for nearly a year. CNET called the device “nearly perfect,” and I believe that’s exactly right.

Meet Cortana: Microsoft announces sweeping Windows Phone 8.1 update | PCWorld

April 4, 2014

There’s something to be said for interoperability. The same apps running on your phone, PC, and game console? If this approach gains any real traction we might see a viable Android competitor.

Nokia Brings the Lumia Icon to Verizon

February 16, 2014

I’ve come to associate Nokia with the potential for the best mobile cameras on the market. A twenty mega-pixel camera is an excellent start. As always with Windows Phone devices, there’s the continual hope either the OS or the hardware will break through and cause more sales. It’s a good platform, and IMHO, is more customizable than iOS.







(thanks to Laptop Magazine ™)

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