Customer Service & The Basics

Quick Shot:

Saturday night found me hungry and wanting to try something/someplace new. I saw Wasabi Jane’s, a sushi place I hadn’t tried and thought… “excellent.” I stood in front of the register browsing the menu. No one came. Clearly busy, two chefs were in the work area. No one came. Struggling to understand the ordering process, I left. Where did I end up eating? Taco Bell. Why? They took my order quickly and the associate ending up being the most pleasant person I dealt with all day. Why did restaurant #1 lose my money while restaurant #2 got it? Well, they got it in more ways than one, even up-selling me on a local promotion with a community charity by explaining it in terms of (making me look good) what I would get by doing so. Free taco? “…Excellent.”
Operators, Corporate Fellow-Travelers, -it’s ALWAYS the details and the little things. How easy is it, -really, to do business with you? Say what will about Taco Bell, but that night it was pretty easy.


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