Is there a such thing as “fair” with wireless customer service?

A friend of mine, a fellow veteran of wireless carriers, had a problem with his cell phone company. He reported the problem to them and they didn’t fix it the first time. He called back, talked to a supervisor, and using both his experience and basic politeness (which came from his experience). got the result he wanted. This result, being honest, likely would not have happened had he not known which facts to emphasize and how to “speak wireless” to the customer service representative. He’s happy and the carrier is happy, money continuing to exchange hands in the foreseeable future. Should you be happy? It’s a question that is starting to vex many retail operators. Inconsistent outcomes, -where Customer A gets “XYZ,” and Customer B gets nothing when circumstances are exactly the same. Not the way to breed long-term customer loyalty, the knowledge that what they can expect from the company is fluid and depends on the luck of the draw. Companies would say that any system trusting the judgement of individual representatives will cause different outcomes. Many customers are starting to be less than pleased with that answer.


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