All the Markets in the World

There’s a stunning lack of information about “other” Android Markets. Oh, sure, there’s Google Play and Amazon, -but what else is out there, exactly? The short answer appears to be, not that much. Not that much you can trust, anyway. According to Uncle Eugene (Kaspersky), blindly installing software you’ve found on the web is an excellent way to donate your banking information to charity. Well, if you count your money going to organized crime charity.

So, -what do we have out there? Let’s start with Android Markets, a somewhat outdated list of those shameful “other” app stores. It lists a number of sites, some useful, some not. I’d like to ask for contributions. People have bumped in to all sorts of sources. Who remembers that Opera, for god’s sake, offers apps? They do. Tell me more about what you’ve found…



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