Do Something with 4G

With the spread of 4G, We’re seeing the possibilities of cloud backup and media streaming, -things made possible due to increased network speed and capacity. With every jump in potential, however, comes the chance to exploit that new resource for applications, devices, and consumer/business uses. There’s a growing awareness of the sheer potential for “large data applications,” most of which attach a live video and sound feed, or large amounts of pictures and other information samples. Some of these potential applications, -ideas that would make for excellent start-up companies, include new takes on older, simpler ideas already in use.

-Remote cameras

1. Services such as Federal Express and UPS depend on delivery confirmation in certain circumstances. How much better would it be to have a video clip transmitted to a dispatcher showing either the person who signed for the package, or the place and circumstances where the parcel was left? Additionally, many police agencies have dashboard cameras that document encounters with citizens. How much better would it be if the 911 Dispatcher had a live video feed that was immediate accessible by other officers in the area? To ask the question is to answer it. It’s possible, and it’s waiting for an enterprising software developer.

-GPS & Telemetry

1. With municipal buses, the idea of a live video feed, combined with real-time GPS, is not only a good idea from a safety perspective, -it makes sense from a management standpoint for quickly sampling operational conditions. Additionally, putting a “black box” in the bus, to monitor engine conditions and usage makes sense from a maintenance standpoint. Imagine the information you’d like to have and it can be packaged and delivered, real-time.

There’s a lot of possibility in the new networks, and it will take determined developers to see the chance to write applications to use that potential to the fullest.




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