Ideas for a new cell phone browser #2

I work in areas where 3G is regarded as just a fairy tale. For a long time, I worked in an area where not only did we not have 3G, we didn’t even have EDGE. You can live with GPRS, maybe, but when you use your mobile browser to view an image intensive page it takes a long time to load. Too long, in some cases, for the browser to be useful.

I would like a browser that would allow you to enter important web sites, and would periodically download and cache pages. When you need to view MSNBC, you open the browser and view the page (current as of, say, 30 minutes ago). Yeah, it’s not real-time, such as it is, but it could pull data enough to keep it reasonably current. Most plans have some sort of data cap, and you’d need to be able to monitor the caching and switch it on and off when necessary.


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