Coverage and ATT/Verizon Go to the Maps

I wish the cell phone companies wouldn’t use the word “coverage.” It sounds like insurance. Got a broken leg? Have we got coverage for you. The problem is, -the word means nothing to most people. How about saying “where your phone works.” There is a tendency to forget people simply don’t care. They just want working phones. When Verizon started fighting with ATT over the maps it confused many, many people. Verizon merely asserted they had more 3G coverage, which they do. ATT felt customers saw the Verizon ad, which showed only where ATT had 3G coverage, and thought ATT phones would not work where dead spots were indicated. And, being part of the whole litigious society thing, the lawyers were called in as fast as possible. At the end of the day, ATT has more coverage than Verizon. Verizon, however, has more areas of faster coverage. Useless in terms of phone calls, but extremely important if you want to download songs, watch a video, or any other task that uses data.

As an interesting postscript, ATT, apparently using the large sums of money earned from selling Steve Job’s finest, has started expanding and accelerating their network, and it seems to be working.


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