How Not to Get Cancer (Bob Park)

From Bob Park’s “What’s New,” 3/12/2010. Dr. Park is a physicist and author of, among other things, “Voodoo Science.”


The use of cell phones has become ubiquitous in modern society.  There is also a lot of brain cancer.  This has led to a lot of people to suggest that the two are connected, and the state of Maine is considering legislation that would require cell phone manufacturers to print a warning on the product.  But has the incidence of brain cancer increased at anything like the numbers of cell phones.  It is a troubling issue for most physicists who recognize that cell phones almost certainly can’t cause cancer. All known cancer agents act by breaking chemical bonds in DNA, creating mutant strands that may multiply to become cancers.  Microwave photons are orders of magnitude short of being able to break chemical bonds.  The Federal Communications Commission, the Food and Drug Administration and the American Cancer Society recognize this, but for most Americans the words “quantum mechanics” are simply an announcement that you won’t understand what follows.  Even a very bright high school student probably won’t have any idea what you’re talking about.”

Cell phones do not cause brain cancer.


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