We wish we were customer care, but we’re not…

Customer: Hey, can you tell me how much my bill is?

ECPG: No sir, I can’t. We are handset technicians and the other person is sales. We are all helping customers and may be a little while. We don’t have the computer for customer accounts at the service area, but we can quickly get a representative on the phone to answer any questions you may have. (thinking I can answer a quick question for him, do a little triage as it’s busy, and maybe get him in and out if he just needed information)

Customer: No, I hate talking to those call centers. It’s hard to understand them.

ECPG: No problem, you are welcome to wait for the sales staff and computer to get free or you can call 611 at any time, -a free call, doesn’t use your minutes at all… or you can use our phone if you’d like.

Customer: Well, can you tell me when my bill is due?

ECPG: No, we don’t have any billing information, but I can quickly get someone on the phone who can answer your billing questions.

Customer: No, I am really in a hurry, but how much it would be if I add unlimited text messaging to my account?

ECPG: Well, it would be about $14.99 to $29.98, depending on the prorated amounts and where you are in your billing cycle.

Customer: You can’t tell me exactly what it would be?

ECPG: Not really, because your type of account requires a prorated payment on the remainder of the billing cyle plus a complete payment of one month for the cost of the added feature. As you can see, it can be a little complicated. Would you like me (heavy sigh at this point) to get one of our customer care people on the line to tell you the amount? It would save you waiting for the salesperson and the computer.

Customer: Well, I am in a hurry, can you just tell me how much it would be if I paid my bill and the text messaging together?

ECPG: Well, sir. Trust me, I can get a representative on the phone and get this done quickly. I have to have your help because it requires a payment and I can’t stop what I am doing with a customer that’s been waiting as long as you have but was here first.

(Note: many people will ask, -well why don’t you call FOR them? We sometimes do, though we are discouraged from doing that unless it is very slow. Here’s why, -if someone has an issue and “doesn’t like to talk to them people that can’t speak English,” it is inevitably complicated, hard to quantify and therefore handle, and difficult to explain while it’s being explained to you. It takes time, and that’s not fair when people are waiting. Use the people that can do the best job in assisting the customer and that, in billing, means customer care)

Customer: I’ll come back later….


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