The Big Six

What do you need your phone to do, really? It’s addictive to have email at the touch of a button, much less instant messaging. Got a full Internet browser at all times? I do, and it’s useful. By useful I mean it helps fill the many moments when I am sitting, waiting for god knows what… We single out, categorize, list, -whatever, six major needs outside of placing and receiving calls.

#1. Email.

-Yeah, work email is out there, just waiting to be answered. Personal email beckons as well. Don’t want it on your phone? Not so fast. I have countless stories when knowing about “that task” or “that event” just a little bit earlier than I would have otherwise saved my life.

#2. Web Browser.

-A remarkably useful thing to have. I have looked up so many things from my phone. I have made waiting in the Doctor’s office easier. There are two types of people, those that can be entertained by the Internet (or work on it productively) and those that, well, can’t or won’t. I am one of the former and if you are, too, you will enjoy having the web in your pocket.

#3. Calendar.

-What can I say? I have no real memory for dates and times. I find the Outlook-ish ability to chart my time a treasure. I get something from the visual input of seeing my appointments laid out visually on a screen. An additional benefit is the constant syncing of the phone with my computer (think back-up)

#4. Tasks.

-This one is fairly self-explanatory. Who can’t use an electronic to-d0 list? Additionally, the visceral satisfaction of checking the little boxes as I complete tasks is scary.

#5. Contacts.

-I have always valued the ability to enter virtually unlimited information about people and their numerous addresses and phone numbers. As I have switched phones and organizers over the years, I will occasionally run into people I entered a decade back that still exist for me in the depths of that friendly circuitry.

#6.  Memos.

-Who doesn’t like to jot the odd note? I use mine for passwords, websites, friends messages, -you name it. Again, imagine not having to throw this sort of thing away! Many is the time I searched for a bit of information I noted years ago, and shockingly, found it.

These are the characteristics of “smartphones.” If this sounds useful, for lack of a better word, you owe it to yourself to give one a try.


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