We have always wanted to see customers get more involved in the features of their phones, to be aware of what they could do with whichever phone they owned, -pictures, music, or the specific feature for which the phone was known. At one point people weren’t really aware of text messaging, -teens did it, sure, but not adults. That changed. Now, it’s Bluetooth. People are way more aware than even six months ago that some phones allow ring tones to be sent over Bluetooth if the phone is properly equipped. As usual, here come the cellular phone makers. There are basically two types of Bluetooth, -the type that allows you to connect a headset, and the type that allows you to also send/receive files like pictures and ring tones. Astonishingly, some phones (Samsung especially) are only equipped with the first type. This is confusing for customers, and totally unnecessary, as I am unaware of additional costs involved upgrading to the better type of Bluetooth. The best thing you can do to stop this practice is to make a point of buying only a fuly equipped Bluetooth phone. Ask your carrier for details.


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