T-Mobile G1

I have been carrying the G1 for a while and, on the whole, I am deeply impressed, really. There are so many good things about this phone. There are issues, also, but they are bearable. Why would you want this phone?

#1. Web Browsing. Either with the standard browser or an add-on like Opera Mini, it’s superior. Even at Edge speeds it works and is usable.

#2. Have a Grand Central account? (Or, shortly, Google Voice?). Just wait… There is an application to make calls directly from the phone.

#3. Big display, and a touch screen (works well, -far better than this Windows Mobile veteran suspected) to go with the keyboard.

#4. It handles Tasks, Contacts, Memos, Calendar, and email very well.


#1. And, unfortunately, it’s a big issue. The battery. It is good for, maybe, two hours of solid usage running WiFi, GPS, and another application at the same time. Yes, you will use all sorts of functions at the same time on this phone, you can’t help it. There is an easy fix, and that is to buy another battery.


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