Gear (to holster or not to holster)

We have this argument all the time.

“Clips suck.”

“Umm, people constantly ask for holsters.”

“People don’t want clips/holsters, they want cases.”

“No, people want skins.”

“People want cases.”

Take it from a technician. You need something that protects your screen. We have a few rules for people we advise.

#1. Whatever you use to carry your phone, it must protect the screen, and the screen must face toward your body (Otterbox being the sole exception to this, but they are pretty much the sole exception to every rule about cases). Try and guess why… Many people will bump in to corners of all kinds and scratch/break their screen. Which would you rather replace, -your screen or your battery back?

#2. You have to be able to deploy your phone easily. Trying getting an important call and having to pry your phone out of a tight horizontal case. You’ll drop it most of the time.

#3. If it’s a case, you must be able to remove your phone easily to clean and otherwise maintain it. Have you tried to remove Body Glove neoprene cases? The surface tension on the screen protector for a flip phone is stronger than, well, your fingers in a hurry.

If you have a Blackberry or an I-Phone, visit Otterbox. You’ll thank me later


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