Dad’s Voice

We are not a large store, and when I work I am the only “Handset Specialist” (technician) on duty. I am in the middle of helping a customer with a broken screen when a sixty-ish woman comes in, agitated, and waits behind him. My salesman walks over and says “Mrs. Miller was in earlier and you’ll want to hear about her problem.” He’s smirking, so I know it’s not SCP (standard complaint or problem). I finish up with Mr. Broken Screen and beckon Mrs. Miller up to the counter.

“What can I do for you, Ma’am?”

“My Son put several songs on my phone and there’s a problem.”

“All right, we can do a lot with SD card issues, not to worry, -what exactly is going on?”

“When I play the songs, they play fine, but there’s more than just the music…”

(At this point I am thinking either hiss or distortion)

“Umm, ok, we may have to download a properly recorded copy, but we’ll figure it out.”

“NO (loudly enough so everyone turns around), I hear my dead father’s voice!”


“When I play the songs, I can just hear him telling me about the next world, and I want it stopped NOW, or I am cancelling my service immediately and it’ll be your fault”

“…. (not really knowing what to say)”

“Aren’t you going to play one?”

“Ok, ma’am, let’s listen to one (I play “Amazing Grace”) … (it plays like something the Son picked up on Limewire, not a terrible copy, but plenty of hiss, pops, etc) Ah, I don’t really hear anything beyond a copy that could be better recorded, honestly.”

“I heard my Father, I heard my Father.”

“…(trying to salvage this somehow) Ma’am, many people hear fragments of sounds that can easily be interperted as words.”

“So, you’re saying you won’t help me?”

“Ma’am, my best advice is to delete the songs and download them via Amazon, or other sites that will provide a better listening experience.”

“… (gesturing to saleman) Get over here. Your PERSON refuses to help me, and I need you to cancel my service.”


Some customer care experiences are absolutely surreal. She canceled, and then later I heard she reactivated her service. How can you possibly explain that aside from the fact she had other issues?


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