How to sell Blackberries & Windows Mobile Phones

One of the first things you teach new employees in a cell phone store is a bunch of horrible generalizations to help them deal with different phones and different people asking for them. People will ask, “do you have Blackberries?” Every carrier does, but what they generally mean is a “smartphone,” -one that can send and receive email as well as browse the web. So, how do you equip Mr. New Employee with a quick way to tell the right phone for the right person? After all, no one wants a returned phone, that nightmare only surpassed by someone taking you all the way through the activation process and deciding they don’t want the phone. Anyway, how to tell, how to tell….
The question you ask is “ok, you’ve told me you want a smartphone, which is more importan;  email or browsing the web?”

Sell them a Blackberry. Period. No one does email like RIM. Windows Mobile makes a good stab at it, but ultimately falls short.
-Web Browsing
Sell them a Windows Mobile device. Opera Mini anyone? Tried Skyfire lately? Yes, I know there are overlaps, but browsing needs Windows like, -well, like Windows needs browsing.
There’s always someone who refuses to commit. My answer, and I tend to rely (for arguments sake) on the fact I make my living on this, -my answer is Windows Mobile. The operating system is familiar to most casual users, and yes, still the browser.

A simple question, but one that elicits a useful answer.


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